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How to install Granny MOD Apk - Download apk for android- Updated version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Granny MOD Apk - Download apk for android- Updated version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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Welcome to Granny Mod apk

It is very difficult to get out of the house when Granny is there. Now you need to leave her house, but you must be very careful and quiet. Her ears are always open. The minute you drop something, she notices it and runs after it. If you want to hide, you can hide in wardrobes or under beds. The deadline is five days as you have to escape from there. If not, Granny will lock you up forever

While playing this game, I’m sure you’ll get goosebumps

Granny mod apk free download

The people who played this game gave it their full love, support, and appreciation. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they become bored with the same gameplay, graphics, and limited gaming content. In spite of this, the designers design the game to appeal to players’ interests with eye-catching graphics, challenging levels, and an interesting gameplay to test them for personability in a difficult situation.

In order to add  the interest, a 5-day escape  period is given. You’ll be caught and locked in granny’s house otherwise. For players, it’s either do or die.

The player uses his/her mind when competing above all situations, sharpening it and allowing him/her to use it in circumstances where a normal person would lose even his ability to think.

What does Granny MOD Apk offer?

You can easily download Granny Mod Apk from our website. You can download this mod apk from the link below and get 100% guaranteed access to the latest version. 

How to Download and Install Granny MOD Apk?

By using Granny Mod Apk 2021, you will have endless fun with no need to give any personal information or spend a penny. The following steps will guide you through the download process.

Step No 1

Open our website

Step No 2

Press the download button

Download granny mod apkStep No 3

The file will start downloading

Step No 4

Click on Apk to Install

Step No 5

Sometimes it asks for Permission. Allow Permission

Step No 6

Run the Modified Apk

It is sometimes reported that users are having trouble installing downloaded files. All you need to do is go to Downloads, find the file and click on Run Administrator, then on the Next button until it appears. The file will be installed, then you’ll be able to play.

Features of Granny Mod Apk

  • You will be able to play that game safely. Granny or anything inside the house won’t harm you.
  • It will make you invisible. As a result, Granny might be unable to see you. Now you can discover hidden secrets in every corner of your house. In addition, you will enter the next level faster if you complete this mission before the required limit ends.
  • One of the benefits is that you won’t suffer any damage.
  • This mod does not require rooting your device.
  • The application is compatible with all versions and is automatically updated

Granny Mod Apk Requirements

  • This game is created by DVlpors. The basic requirement is a cellphone, internet connection, and game. Android users require software versions 4.0 or higher, and iOS users need versions 7.0 or higher.
  • This game is most recommended for kids aged 12+ since it provides adults with a lot of new adventures, so it was also recommended for adults aged 18+.
  • If your child is fearless and loves adventure, then you can let him or her play this game, otherwise do not.

Granny Apk Theme

The game begins with a person entering a house filled with secrets and mysteries. It will require you to uncover hidden mysteries. However, it is not that simple. Granny owns that house. Granny is no ordinary woman. She is clever and cruel at the same time.

If you enter the house, granny locks you in her house like a prisoner. You must now escape as quickly as possible. Granny keeps on running with an awkward gait in her two stories house.

 In order to get out, you will have to pay close attention to what you do and be careful because she can hear everything you do. The more noise you make, the more difficult it will be for you at home. Without making any noise, uncover the hidden mysteries and secrets to find the key to unlock yourself and let go of that zombie granny.

Your mission to escape must be completed within five days. Once you complete the mission within the required time, you win and advance to the next level. If you fail, granny will catch you and lock you up forever in her jail.


What is the size of the APK file of Granny mod?

It is light in size. The size varies with every new update

Will that file harms our cell phone?

It is not. Since it is a small file, there will be no interference with your Gallery, personal data, etc. Shortly, it is entirely harmless.

Can we kill Granny by downloading Apk?

She is the main, unbeatable character and a zombie. However, you can hide from her instead of killing her.

Will we have to pay for downloading this file?

There is no cost associated with this file, so you can freely use it for your whole life.


What's new

Users want to know what changes have been made in their game, and that is a right that everyone has. As you already know, the game begins in a house where you are locked up, and your mission is to escape.

Through downloading granny mod apk, you can remove all the obstacles in your way. Additionally, improvements and fixes have been made.


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