Microencapsulation to make my skin look more beautiful?

Microencapsulation to make my skin look more beautiful

One of the great secrets of the cosmetic giants is that a lot of the great ingredients advertised in their products… never actually get absorbed by the skin.

Seems unthinkable? Let’s talk about the science of the skin. The skin cannot absorb molecules that are above a certain Dalton. Daltons are measure of size in science and scientist have shown that anything over 500 Daltons cannot be absorbed into your skin.


Let’s look at Retinol – comes from Vitamin A and has Dalton range around 700 Daltons. How exactly is this getting into your skin if science has established it is too big?????



That is not to say that some does get absorbed or there is not some benefit there is…

But what if we could increase the absorption tenfold? How?

Microencapsulation.  Tagra, an Israeli company is the leader in this field.  Not only is more product absorbed into the skin just by applying but even more is absorbed as you rub and create friction.

Few cosmetic companies use this brand because it is much more expensive a raw material and you the consumer reading a label would not know the difference.

There are some companies that have built there whole corporate philosophy on putting the best ingredients into products everyone can afford. For example the BIOS System by Manhattan Based 5th Ave Plastic Surgeon Andrew Mark Klapper MD features Tagra’s microencapsulated Retinol and microencapsulated Benzoyl Peroxide.

We like him. He is a bit of a crusader who believes that the bar needs to be raised in an industry where dollars are spent on marketing and not on quality ingredients.

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